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Random survey for safer festivities – 847/2020

By November 26, 2020 No Comments

Public Health Gibraltar intend to invite 1,000 people, above the age of 11 to be tested for presence of COVID-19. A similar survey was carried out in April of 400 individuals, which showed that only 1:10 cases of infection had been picked up. This helped drive swabbing strategy and also led to the establishment of the Contact Tracing Bureau.

With the approach of the festivities, as well as a natural desire by people to visit their loved ones, it is again important that we establish the risks involved. We want a safe Christmas and New Year, and we want to visit our elders without causing them harm. The 1,000 people have been chosen at random to be representative of the whole population. COVID-19 spreads wherever people gather and meet, so it is important we have a balanced assessment of where the virus is currently, and also how it might spread, so we can put in the correct measures.

The people of Gibraltar are asked to respond to these invitations, and present themselves to the Mid-Town Drive Through for testing as soon as possible. Those tested will have the choice of remaining anonymous, if they so wish. Invitations will be sent out this week.

Help keep us safe by responding promptly.