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Rachel Williams meets with victims of domestic abuse – 399/2023

By June 16, 2023 No Comments

In addition to the programme of training and awareness for Rachel Williams organised by the Ministry of Justice this week, Rachel also had two small group sessions with victims of domestic abuse. The first was organised with the assistance of Women In Need where Rachel met at Claire Borrell House. The second small group session was organised by the Care Agency’s therapeutic team.

Rachel Williams’ personal journey of resilience and her relentless efforts to combat domestic abuse have made her a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless individuals. Through her harrowing experiences and subsequent advocacy work, Rachel has become a leading figure in raising awareness about the far-reaching consequences of domestic violence and the urgent need for societal change.

Giselle Carreras, Head of Therapeutic Services at the Care Agency said: “The presentation was extremely powerful and courageous and was very well received by the service users and staff who fully engaged and embraced her key motto, it is better to be powerful than to be pitiful”.

Minister for Justice, Samantha Sacramento, said: “Rachel is a trained facilitator and extremely experienced. As a survivor herself, those affected by domestic abuse can relate to her and of course her inspirational sense is clearly empowering. Speaking about personal experiences of domestic abuse can be hard but taking therapies is extremely important and it is easier to open up to someone who has similar experiences. I cannot thank Rachel enough for her meaningful and inspirational work in Gibraltar again this week.”