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Public encouraged to attend GHA Public Session this month – 17/2023

By January 17, 2023 No Comments

The GHA Board will host a public session on Monday 30th January at 6.30 pm at the Mayor’s Parlour, City Hall. As in the past, attendees will need to register their attendance and send an email to GHABoard@gha.gi no later than 26th January 2023.

Dr David Ballesteros will be delivering a presentation regarding Cancer Services provided by the GHA, after which there will be an opportunity for members of the public to ask appropriate questions.

The GHA Chairman, Prof Ian Cumming and the GHA Director General, Prof Patrick Geoghegan said: “We encourage members of the public to attend the GHA Public Session at the end of this month. This is an important forum for you, our patients, to engage in direct conversation with us on the service that the GHA is providing. It also gives the GHA the opportunity to update you on the latest progress regarding Reset, Restart, Recover strategy, and your feedback is what helps shape the future of the GHA together.”