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By June 13, 2023 No Comments

His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce that they are now in a position to enter into Purchase Agreements with the purchasers of flats at Chatham Views and Bob Peliza Mews (Phase 1) so that they can commence payment of the monthly instalments towards their properties. Gibraltar Residential Properties will be contacting purchasers shortly to make arrangements for the Purchase Agreements to be entered into. Purchasers of the second phase of Bob Peliza Mews will commence payments of the monthly instalments once HMGoG completes the relocation of the entities currently on the site.

Any property which becomes available in either of these two estates and is allocated in the future, will increase by 25% from the original price in order to cover the increased cost the construction industry has suffered worldwide since the project commenced. Prices will remain unaffected for those who have already entered into their Reservation Agreements.

The Chatham Views Contract with SITUS Construction Group was signed on the 3 May 2023. The Contractor has taken possession of the site and been proceeding with the mobilisation stage. Test piles that will inform the foundation designs are being driven on the site this week and it is expected that piling will begin in August 2023. Works to undertake the diversion of utility services will commence next week ahead of this.

In relation to Bob Peliza Mews, the Contract with GJBS Ltd was signed on the 10 May 2023 and they will take possession of the site on the 17 June to coincide with the completion of the demolition works. The contractor initiated their mobilisation stage whilst demolitions were under way and has had further geotechnical investigations undertaken which, when combined with the test piles also undertaken this week, will allow the foundation design to be finalised. Piling works are also expected to start on site in August 2023.