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Power Outage – 10th March 2023 – 138/2023

By March 10, 2023 No Comments

At approximately 03:45 this morning, the High Voltage network experienced an earth fault, resulting in a total blackout.


An earth fault is a type of electrical fault where a power cable or other conductor breaks, and comes into contact with the earth, or any conductive material in contact with the earth. When this happens, it can cause damage to equipment, interrupt the continuity of supply, and may even pose a danger to our employees working on the network.


There are several reasons that can cause an earth fault. Some of these reasons include insulation failure, physical damage to underground cables or an overload of cables which can result in conductors getting cut and falling into a ground point, and natural disturbances shifting cables and equipment.


By 06:00 various elements of our High Voltage network had been reconfigured in order to restore power to the majority of our Customers.


At present, the power supply to Customers in the vicinity of Governor’s Parade, Arengo’s, Willis’, and the East side, remains disconnected whilst work continues to identify the exact location of the fault.


Further information will be provided as soon as this is available.