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Positive case of COVID-19 at St Anne’s Upper Primary School – 666/2020

By September 29, 2020 No Comments

A positive case of COVID-19 has been identified within St Anne’s Upper Primary School.

The Contact Tracing team have been liaising with school staff and the Department of Education. All individuals who have been identified as close contacts have been informed that they are required to self-isolate.

The latest available information is that 13 individuals (4 staff members and 9 pupils) have been deemed to have been in close contact with the positive case and all have been instructed to self-isolate. Close contact is defined as close proximity within an enclosed area for a period of time longer than 15 minutes.

Pupils who attend St Anne’s Upper Primary School should attend school as normal if they have not been contacted by the Contact Tracing Bureau.

Parents are reminded that children with COVID-19 symptoms should not attend school. They should stay at home, self-isolate and call 111.

Siblings and close contacts of children who have been asked to self-isolate should attend school as normal unless otherwise advised by the Contact Tracing Bureau.

Individuals who have specific concerns arising from any of this information are asked to contact the school’s Head Teacher.