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Pollarding works to a Phytolacca dioica (Bellasombra) at King’s Wharf – 472/2023

By July 13, 2023 No Comments

The Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage wishes to inform the public that it will be carrying out pollarding works to a Phytolacca dioica (Bellasombra), with the Tree Preservation Order No: (19/2003), at King’s Wharf.

After a thorough risk assessment, it has been established that this specimen has a very large cavity in its main trunk, with obvious signs of active decay. Unfortunately, such rot is common in Bellasombras, which have very weak tissue. The main trunk provides most of the tree’s structure and removal will severely impact its size and aesthetic value, but retention is unacceptable given the risk to the public.

Therefore, works will involve the pollarding of this specimen, below the large cavity. However, on a positive note, Bellasombras do recover well from pollarding and this specimen will re-sprout with vigour.