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By August 16, 2023 No Comments

His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar notes the latest statement from the GSD on the McGrail Inquiry.                                                           

The Government reminds the GSD that it convened the McGrail Inquiry as soon as it was possible to do so given the problems that the pandemic had caused.  

Additionally, it was not possible to convene the Inquiry earlier given logistical problems in obtaining a judge who would be able to see it through.  All of these matters were already set out in detail in exchanges of press releases in January 2022, which it is clear that the GSD would rather forget.

The Government, nonetheless, agrees with the GSD that ‘it is important in the public interest that the Inquiry go ahead as soon as possible so that all issues are investigated.’  The timing of that is a matter, however, for the Chairman of the Inquiry, who has to weigh in the balance all relevant factors when fixing a suitable date for the hearings.

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo KC MP, said: “I have stated from the first moment that the Inquiry will demonstrate that I acted entirely properly at all times.  I therefore have no reason to be concerned about any spurious and baseless allegations that may be made against me by Mr McGrail or any other party. 

“I have acted entirely lawfully in every instance and ensured that our sacrosanct rule of law is respected in every aspect of what I do every day in No6 Convent Place, not least in every dealing I have had with Mr McGrail before, during and after his time as Commissioner of Police. 

“When subjected to the scrutiny of the Inquiry, I have no doubt that the full truth will emerge and it will be clear that the GSD and Mr Azopardi were wrong to take at face value any of the allegations being made against the Government, which they are amplifying for their own party political purposes, and in that way making the issues partisan when they are not.

“The final hearings of the Inquiry will, unfortunately, now take longer than anyone would wish, but that will not alter the outcome that I am confident will entirely vindicate my position and the position of His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar as a whole in respect of all aspects of this matter.”