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Personal Light Electric Transporters (PLETS) – 930/2021

By December 13, 2021 No Comments

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar will shortly be publishing legislation relating to the sale and use of Personal Light Electric Transporters commonly known as e-scooters. The Government wishes to advise persons who may be thinking of purchasing one of these devices, especially during Christmas, to take account of the details provided below.

The legislation will include;

· A restriction to persons aged 17 years and over;

· A “Personal Light Electric Transporter” will be defined as having two or more wheels, is fitted with a handlebar, is designed to carry no more than one person and is propelled by an electric motor that has a maximum continuous rated power output of 1000 watts;

· The device is limited to a maximum speed of not more than 25km/h;

· An insurance policy will be required once the legislation is enacted.

The community is reminded that riding e-scooters on pavements is illegal and already comes with a maximum fine of £200.00.