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Paddlers urged to respect delicate beach booms – 433/2023

By June 29, 2023 No Comments

Beach goers and paddlers are urged to respect the booms in place at beaches, which are there as a preventive oil spill mitigation measure during this delicate stage of the removal of the wreck of the OS35.

This follows significant damage to the boom at Sandy Bay, caused yesterday by significant numbers of paddleboards and kayaks travelling over it.

The booms are delicate and repairs are costly and time-consuming. Yesterday’s repair to the boom at Sandy Bay was an operation involving 8 people and a service boat with a tender.

This had a knock-on effect to the entire wreck removal operation, which is now at its most critical point. The preventive booms are a crucial part of the oil spill prevention and response plan and are there to protect Gibraltar’s beaches in the event of any release of oil at this final, extremely delicate stage.