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Our Nation’s Health: Health and Lifestyle Survey 2021 – 576/2021

By August 2, 2021 No Comments

Public Health Gibraltar is pleased to release the draft of initial findings from the Our Nation’s Health: Health and Lifestyle Survey 2021. The survey serves as a continuation from those carried out in 2008 and 2015, allowing further insights on the general wellbeing of the people of Gibraltar. It has also provided the opportunity to explore behaviours and feelings surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

This survey has been carried out following the hard work of several members of the Public Health team, including volunteers and those seconded to the department over the last year. 2,700 people participated in the survey, selected by age and sex to estimate a representative sample of the population.

Having access to this quality data allows Public Health, and indeed all relevant departments and organizations, to amend existing work streams and/or develop better support and services to meet the needs of the community, ultimately improving lives. 

This draft will be followed by the release of a wider document that will explore wider themes and highlight inequalities in health.

Dr Sohail Bhatti, the Director of Public Health said: “There is a lot to absorb here, and much to give pause for thought. Coming after a once in a 100 year event – the COVID-19 Pandemic – the lesson is we need to be both personally and as a community better prepared by being healthier, not merely wishing we are.”

Public Health Gibraltar gives thanks to all those who participated in the Survey.