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OS 35 Update: Catalan Bay, Little Bay and parts of Sandy Bay re-opened – 222/2023

By April 11, 2023 No Comments

The Chief Scientist and CEO of the Department of the Environment Liesl Mesilio is pleased to confirm that Catalan Bay Little Bay and parts of Sandy Bay have been re-opened to the public following a shoreline assessment and consultation with the Captain of the Port John Ghio.

Parts of Sandy Bay have been cordoned off to allow public enjoyment of the beach whilst allowing clean-up teams to continue to work in these areas.

There is no indication of any further leaks of oil from the wreck of the OS 35 and cleaning will continue throughout the weekend.

The public are asked to exercise caution and vigilance as, although the risk of this is low, the possibility remains that further tar balls may still wash up on shore. Further sections of the coastline and beaches may be cordoned off if oil is detected. Bathing is permitted at your own risk.

Any sightings of oil, tar balls or oiled wildlife should be reported to the Environmental Protection Officers on 58009620.