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Opposition double standards on town planning -120/2023

By March 3, 2023 No Comments

The Opppsition have again jumped on a bandwagon, this time on town planning without the full knowledge of the facts. They have the double-standards to complain that the Development Plan has not yet been updated when they took until 2009 to update the previous 1991 plan. Their political hypocrisy knows no bounds.

It is incorrect to say that there is no guidance on planning and development. The truth is that the 2009 Plan remains in force and that much of the guidance that it contains in relation to BOTH tall buildings and Devil’s Tower Road is still applicable today. The guidance is already in existence for the Development and Planning Commission to be able to apply.

Moreover, following a meeting between the Town Planner and the Government in September, a document entitled “Holistic Planning Policy in respect of Devil’s Tower Road” was prepared and submitted on Tuesday for consideration by the DPC and to serve as further guidance to developers. This sets out the existing guidance already current in the existing Plan and adds further Additional Planning Guidance for the DPC.

The Minister for Town Planning Samantha Sacramento has already explained very clearly to the Gibraltar Parliament the reasons for the time taken to produce a new, updated Development Plan and made it clear that a new tender process is already underway.

It is shameful for the Opposition to complain about concrete jungles and tall buildings when they presided over both during their time in office. Indeed, one such proposal for a Mega Tower on the site of Mid-Town was approved by them up to the height of the Moorish Castle. It was only stopped by the RAF because of the potentially negative impact on airport operations. It is clear that they say one thing in Opposition and do the very opposite in government.