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Opposition did not request to meet EU Scrutiny Committee – 481/2022

By July 8, 2022 No Comments

The Government notes the latest statement by the GSD Opposition expressing their disappointment at the Government of Gibraltar for not arranging a meeting between them and the EU Scrutiny Committee.

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar would like to clarify that the Committee made their own arrangements to visit Gibraltar and met relevant persons and entities as they deemed appropriate. The Government met with the Committee at their request and organised for the Committee to see areas which they had requested and thought relevant.

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, said: ‘The GSD are very quick to criticise the Government for not making arrangements for them to meet with the EU Scrutiny Committee. The Governments understanding is that the Committee met with a number of Blue ID card holders at the request of individuals and the Leader of the Opposition could have requested a meeting also. It would have then been for the Committee to decide on whether they wish to meet with him. The public would expect the Opposition to have made arrangements for a meeting for themselves, if they wanted one, given the Committee publicly expressed their intention to visit Gibraltar. In fact, the Opposition have waited for the Committee to leave Gibraltar before making their statement. I put out the photos and statement of the fact I had hosted the Committee in Convent Place before going to Parliament for the Committee stage of the Budget. Even then, Mr Azopardi did not raise with me then or at any other time if I had contact details etc for the Committee. It is surprising that the GSD therefore raise this now. It makes it appear that they want to make the point but actually had no interest in actually seeing the Committee or do anything about bringing about a meeting between them and the Committee.’