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No Time to Play Party Politics – 285/2020

By April 17, 2020 No Comments

The Government is disappointed that the press release issued by Together Gibraltar asks many questions which were already answered in the press release issued by the Government and the GHA yesterday. To that extent it is clear that the party are NOT asking ‘investigative questions’. They are just keen to make their voice heard whether that is helpful or not.

In addition, the Government can confirm that the GHA has an abundance of PPE and continues to order PPE to keep pace with daily use while ensuring PPE will be available if there is a surge in COVID-19 cases; there will be no shortage in Gibraltar for GHA staff.  There is absolutely no reason for Together Gibraltar to have suggested the opposite.  In fact, the GHA personnel involved in the Children’s Health Centre issue were all wearing PPE at all times that they came into contact with patients, as set out in our press release yesterday and in line with public health advice.  Together Gibraltar should, in fact, read the Government’s press release of yesterday to get the answers to the questions that they are asking today.

The Government continues to be disappointed by the fact that Together Gibraltar seem to want to take any opportunity to make COVID-19 party political. In fact, the general public want the Government to concentrate on the continued slowing of the virus.

Additionally, although Together Gibraltar have not asked after the wellbeing of the staff members in question, the GHA is happy to report to the community that all are very well and that the swab taken from the staff member of the GHA who had been admitted to John Ward has been returned as negative. 


The situation in Gibraltar continues to be under control and the work being done by the GHA and the Government on the basis of the Public Health advice is bearing fruit.