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Night Water restrictions to end – 561/2022

By August 10, 2022 No Comments

HM Government of Gibraltar is pleased to advise that AquaGib have confirmed we are now able to end night restrictions on the use of potable water to our community.

The combination of more responsible use of water by the community, importation of water from Spain and now full production of water from all of our Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants means we are able to restore normal usage of water to our community without restriction for our domestic users. Government will review the matter further later this week with the expectation that businesses will also have water returned to them in the coming days.

In addition the temporary RO plant already in Gibraltar will further support our efforts to restore stock levels quickly.

Minister for Public Utilities Albert Isola said: “I am pleased we have been able to get stock levels back up to enable us to resume service to our community in this short period of time. We will continue to work on increasing stocks with additional production to ensure we have resilience over the summer period. My thanks to all who have worked to enable us to resume normal service. It really has been a huge effort.”

Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister said: “This disaster has brought together every part of our infrastructure who have teamed up to take on and beat this challenge in record speed. The Fire and Rescue Service, the GEA, AquaGib, the Technical Services Team, our Contractors, Public Health, The Environmental Agency, the Ministry of Defence – everyone coming together to work around the consequences of the fire. My sincere thanks to all, and to the people of Gibraltar for their responsible use of water during this testing time. It has been a real team effort and I am delighted that we are today removing all restrictions for our domestic users”.