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New Scheduled Archaeological Area – 524/2023

By August 3, 2023 No Comments

The area east of Arengo’s Gardens and Arengo’s Palace Car Park including the walls on its northern, southern and eastern perimeters is now a ‘Scheduled Archaeological Area’ under section 4 of the Heritage and Antiquities Act 2018, the first to be formally established in Gibraltar after similar protection afforded to the Gorham’s World Heritage site.

This has been done pending investigation by the National Museum following indications that there may be important remains in the area.

Any disturbance of the ground, excavation or removal of any object or antiquity from the scheduled archaeological area without having ‘scheduled archaeological area consent’ is therefore not permitted. 

The Minister for Heritage, John Cortes said: “It is another very important milestone in the protection of our heritage, we now have our first scheduled archaeological area, an area that deserves protection due to its rich material culture, and I am looking forward in seeing the work undertaken by our heritage specialists and what they will uncover”.