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New Parcel Post Digital Notification System – 793/2020

By November 12, 2020 No Comments

HM Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce that as per its manifesto commitment, it will launch on the 16th November 2020 a modern digital notification system that notifies customers of the arrival of their parcels in Gibraltar.  

The parcel post digital notification system https://epost.egov.gi/ is a purpose built web application that will send an email to the recipient as soon as the item is ready for collection.

Once you have registered on the site, you will receive e-notifications via email informing you that your parcel is ready. Receiving the e-notifications speeds up the delivery process. The RGPO will continue mailing notification cards as normal to those who do not wish to register.

At the same time, a handling fee will be introduced for the importation of goods to Gibraltar via the parcel Post Office.

In line with Royal Mail, the Import Handling Fee is of £8.00 and this is payable on all incoming parcels with a commercial value of £25.00 or over. Parcels with a value under £25.00 are exempt of the Import Handling fee. The threshold amount of £25.00 on Import Handling Fees increases to £39.00 for parcels containing gifts from one individual to another.

The easiest way to pay the Import Handling fee and Custom duties (when applicable) is online. Once payment is received, the RGPO will deliver the parcel to the recipient. The £8 Import Handling fee includes delivery of the parcel no matter the size, weight or volume.  If a parcel is under £25.00, there will be no charges but recipients can opt to pay a £4 delivery fee to receive the parcel at home/work. Alternatively, the option to pay the fees upon collection from Parcel Post, 7 Admiral Rooke Road is available.