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New leader, same misinformed TG – 394/2023

By July 25, 2023 No Comments

The Government is surprised by Together Gibraltar’s latest bluster lamenting a lack of local job opportunities, whilst the reality of the local job market is that there are two jobs available for every local resident who is active at work. The new interim leader seems to have retained his predecessor’s remarkable habit of failing to do their homework and not understanding the issue at hand.

In terms of the public sector, it is strange that Together Gibraltar, who are allegedly in coalition negotiations with the GSD, would advocate for an expanded public sector whilst the GSD simultaneously argue that the public sector and the civil service are bloated.

It is even stranger to see a Party that hails itself as the progressive alternative hark back to the days where one parent, plainly women, stayed at home to look after children.

The Government, however, welcomes that whilst struggling to come up with any kind of tangible policy of their own, Together Gibraltar advocate an Enterprise Investment Scheme that is strikingly similar to the Business Nurturing Scheme introduced by this Government in 2015, and which the Chief Minister in his address to the GFSB and again in his Budget address confirmed will return this year after a hiatus forced by COVID.

Unsure of where they stand and unable to come up with anything new, Together Gibraltar are clearly spouting arguments that they think might be popular, just to test the waters. New interim leader, same inexperienced and misinformed TG.