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MSc Leadership and Healthcare Practice graduation – 459/2022

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459.1 2022

At a Graduation Ceremony held at the City Hall, eight students were recently awarded an MSc Leadership and Healthcare Practice. The degree concentrated on the development of knowledge and skills to lead and manage complex situations in healthcare in order to improve patient and service outcomes. Most of the students, all employees within the GHA and ERS, worked onsite during the pandemic while undertaking their studies.

Minister for Health, The Hon Albert Isola MP, His Worship the Mayor and Professor Patrick Geoghegan, GHA Director General attended the ceremony and were joined by Professor Margaret Rowe who represented the University of Salford. Ms Rowe is highly regarded in the UK and the international stage, and was the Higher Education national representative on the Nursing and Midwifery Council Revalidation Strategic Steering Group and currently on a Council of Deans’ representative.

Prof Patrick Geoghegan OBE congratulated students not only on achieving excellent grades with a successful outcome but in addition for their hard work during the COVID-19 Pandemic when they continued looking after very sick people, their families and persisted with their studies. Their commitment to their day jobs and undertaking their extra studies is testament of the high calibre of Staff Members that work for the GHA and ERS, this was not only a challenge but a great achievement by all involved. The Director General also took the opportunity in announcing that in September 2022, the GHA will be launching a ‘Learning Action Group’ to support the Master Graduates and other aspiring Staff Members in order to further develop their leadership and management skills and ensure that in the future, local staff will lead and manage the GHA, ERS and other Public Sector Departments.