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Monument unveiling at Europa Advance Road – 581/2023

By September 4, 2023 No Comments

Professor John Cortes unveiled a monument commemorating the Gorham’s Cave Complex UNESCO World Heritage Site on Thursday 31st August. The monument will form part of a new observation and resting point along Europa Advance Battery, opposite Dobinson Way. It is part of government’s plan to further highlight its most important heritage site while, at the same time, taking another step towards its cliff walk project.

The monument was designed by the Gorham’s Cave Complex UNESCO World Heritage Office and executed by Cano Monumental Masons. The monument is designed to be a landmark, inviting visitors and passers-by to the World Heritage Site, while showing off some of the natural wonders of Gibraltar’s sea cliffs. A number of interpretation panels present evidence of the natural history of these sea cliffs and also of the Neanderthals who once lived here. The monument is located within an area that serves as an observation platform where bird and marine mammal migration may be observed against the backdrop of Gibraltar’s cliffs and the coast of North Africa.

Minister for Heritage and Culture, Prof John Cortes, said: “I am very pleased to unveil this monument to our world heritage site and this open air interpretation centre in a spectacular part of Gibraltar. Hopefully it will be a focal point and attract the attention of visitors to our Gorham’s Cave Complex, such an important site in global terms in respect our heritage and our Culture in prehistory. Great work again by the Gibraltar National Museum and the Ministries of Environment and Heritage.”