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Ministry of Transport launch Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Fully Electric Vehicles – 800/2021

By October 27, 2021 No Comments

As part of the ongoing enhancements to the Sustainable Traffic, Transport & Parking Plan (STTPP), a new Parking Management mobile project has been launched that will use ANPR technology to easily verify cars with permission to park in zones and estates. The two new and environmentally friendly fully electric vehicles can process number plates of parked cars by checking against a real-time database of parking permits. They are programmed with Geo-Fencing Technology which demarcates the different zones and which also receive up to date information from the M.O.T. database.

These types of vehicles are commonly used throughout the U.K. and other parts of Europe and have a proven track record with parking enforcement. When these vehicles drive past they can quickly and effectively pick up cars which are illegally parked and not within their permitted zone or, may have an expired MOT certificate. Photographic evidence of the infringement is captured which can later be used to assist with the processing of Fixed Penalty Notices to the offenders.

Minister for Transport, the Hon. Paul Balban, said: “The establishment of this new team, who will use highly-visible electric-powered ANPR liveried cars, is an initiative which is part of the ongoing evolution and upgrade of our traffic management technology. The use of ANPR technology has already proved to be an enormously effective operational tool, which allows the team to target antisocial parking habits in controlled areas. The unit is made up of existing Parking Management Officers drawn from the expanding team who have all undergone specialist technical training on the operation and maintenance of the new equipment. The new team will enable Parking Management Officers to focus their attention more efficiently on offending vehicles and re-assure law-abiding citizens that there is an ongoing commitment to identify and stop the abuse of non-compliant drivers”.