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Ministry of Justice stakeholder training on Domestic Abuse – 431/2023

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The Ministry of Justice is pleased to announce the successful completion of two vital training courses conducted by Safelives.


These courses mark significant progress in strengthening Gibraltar’s response to domestic abuse and fostering multi-agency collaboration in anticipation of the commencement of the Domestic Abuse Act.


The Ministry of Justice recognises that domestic abuse is a serious societal issue that requires a united front in tackling its root causes and consequences. By investing in training and collaboration opportunities, the Ministry for Justice aims to create a safer environment in Gibraltar, free from the fear and impact of domestic abuse.


The first course which was undertaken yesterday was the Multi-Agency Domestic Abuse Champion Training. This brought together key stakeholders from the Royal Gibraltar Police, the Care Agency, Department of Education, Probation Services, Gibraltar Health Authority, His Majesty’s Prison Service, Housing Department, and the Ministry of Justice.  Attendees received in-depth knowledge and practical skills to effectively champion domestic abuse prevention, intervention, and support within their respective roles and organizations. The training focused particularly on recognising the forms of coercive and controlling behaviour and economic abuse as well as dealing with cases of non-fatal strangulation.


The second course, on the implementation of the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) procedures, took place today.  MARACs serve as a platform for multiple government agencies to collaborate and establish a robust network dedicated to reporting and handling claims of domestic abuse by bringing together experts from various fields, including law enforcement, health, and social services so as to strengthen victim safeguarding measures and improve the overall response to domestic abuse cases.


The Minister of Justice, the Honorable Samantha Sacramento MP, noting the successful completion of these essential training courses stated: “The Ministry of Justice is committed to combating domestic abuse and ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals within our jurisdiction. These training courses, delivered by Safelives, have equipped our stakeholders with the necessary tools to address domestic abuse effectively. We believe in fostering collaboration across agencies to provide comprehensive support to victims and hold offenders accountable.”


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Safelives is a UK-based organization dedicated to ending domestic abuse. They provide training, support and guidance to professionals working with domestic abuse victims and their families. With their expertise and experience, Safelives equips individuals and organizations with the skills to tackle domestic abuse effectively. For more information, visit www.safelives.org.