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Ministry of Equality Releases Transgender Ally Information Leaflet – 697/2019

By September 26, 2019 No Comments

The Ministry of Equality has launched a leaflet promoting awareness on transgender issues. The leaflet, titled ‘Being a Trans Ally: a guide from the Ministry of Equality’ is aimed at the general public and is designed to raise support for and understanding of the Transgender community. It also hopes to remove inaccurate preconceived ideas people may have on this subject.

The leaflet is available at a number of key HM Government of Gibraltar public counters (such as, the Primary Care Centre, the Care Agency and the Department of Education). The leaflets are also available at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or can be collected directly from the Ministry of Equality at 14 Governor’s Parade. An electronic version can also be found on https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/department-equality or may be requested by e-mail at equality@gibraltar.gov.gi.

The Minister for Equality, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, said “In 2015 the Ministry of Equality amended legislation to include statutory protection from discrimination to transgender individuals. Transgender issues are an integral part of our gender equality strategy and this leaflet is a continuation of the work already done by the Ministry of Equality in this field. “

“The Ministry of Equality is already working closely with stakeholder departments, particularly the GHA and the Department of Education, as well as consulting with individuals and community groups to ensure that understanding, education and support is achieved. This leaflet will be especially helpful to people in Gibraltar who would like to develop a better understanding of the subject. People in the Transgender community are often misunderstood by others and I hope by raising awareness, this isn’t the case for much longer.”

Transgender Ally Information Leaflet