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Ministry of Equality inviting new potential Mentors and Mentees for Women’s Mentorship Scheme third cycle to register interest – 597/2021

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The Ministry of Equality is inviting potential new Mentors and Mentees for the third cycle of the very successful Ministry of Equality’s Mentorship Programme for women to register their interest. This initiative forms a key part of the Ministry of Equality’s gender equality strategy and was introduced by the Minister for Equality, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, on International Women’s Day in March 2018.


The Women’s Mentorship Programme has proved to be a great success and although interest had been generated for a third cycle and was planned for last year, due to the current worldwide Pandemic, it had to be put on standby.


The motivation for the programme is to support women’s progress in their professional lives, its aim is to educate, inspire, and empower women with the core values, attitudes and skills that are the foundation of quality leadership. We aim to enable mentees to observe, interact with, and learn from established professionals with the aim to close the gap by better positioning women to advance at work.


Mentorship Programmes demonstrate to be an effective way to achieve meaningful progress, empower women and challenge systemic barriers and this was also the case with the scheme organised by the Ministry. The positive feedback received from the participants was very encouraging and ensured that pilot scheme would develop into an integral part of the Ministry’s portfolio of initiatives on gender equality and beyond.


The Scheme is open to women of 18 years of age or over, are resident in Gibraltar and feel that they would benefit from an experienced mentor. The Ministry encourages women who fall in this category to register their interest for the Women’s Mentorship Programme. Please email equality@gibraltar.gov.gi to register your interest. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so if applicants are not successful in securing a mentor in the first round, it is likely that they will be matched with a mentor for the next three-month cycle.


Potential mentors are encouraged to register their interest by sending an e-mail to equality@gibraltar.gov.gi. Mentors of the scheme are volunteers with significant experience and expertise, who can offer advice and learning opportunities to women seeking career advice or support. Mentors are assessed to ensure that they have the necessary communication skills, commitment and desire to support others to achieve their goals, and must attend a mentor orientation meeting prior to their first meeting with a mentee.


Minister for Equality, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, said: “Having run for two cycles, the response that the Women’s Mentorship Scheme has generated has been extremely positive and overwhelming. Mentees have come to me saying that they benefited greatly from the scheme and Mentors have also told me how much they have learnt about themselves and also from their mentees during the scheme. It is for this reason that I am genuinely delighted that after such a difficult year, we are now able to announce that plans are in motion to proceed with the third cycle of the scheme. We want to remind people that the Ministry for Equality’s scheme is very much part of our business and is here to stay. We would like to have an idea of the interest, for both mentees and also mentors for the third cycle and encourage them to contact the Ministry of Equality. The benefits of a Women’s Mentorship Programme are clear and proven; it allows women to develop their full potential, promote greater gender diversity at work and ensure that organisations and businesses have access to wider pool of talent.”