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Ministry of Equality delivers Disability Equality and Customer Care Training to Care Agency – 560/2023

By August 22, 2023 No Comments

The Ministry of Equality delivered Disability Equality and Customer Care Training to staff at the Care Agency as part of their internal and ongoing training programme. This forms part of a training programme by the Ministry of Equality throughout the public sector which has been delivered continuously for the last 6 years. The aim of the training is for those who work in the front line to be more mindful of inclusion and the needs to people with disabilities.


The training highlights the responsibilities of service providers under the Disability Act, the different barriers faced by people with disabilities when trying to access information or services and what can be done to make premises and services more accessible to everyone.


The Minister with responsibility for people with disabilities, the Minister for Equality, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, said: “While of course the Care Agency is more knowledgeable than most in matters of disability, this training further helps them see the perspective of service users and their particular needs and it is a good collaboration with the Ministry for Equality. This is important in particular to how accessible the Care Agency is to those members of the public that may want to learn about or access their services for the first time. This training delivered by the Ministry for Equality is very popular and regularly receives positive feedback and it is offered throughout the public sector, the continuation of this training is a key part of Government’s disability strategy that wants to ensure public services are clear and accessible to everyone.”