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Minister Daryanani meets with local tour operators – 211/2023

By April 5, 2023 No Comments

The Minister for Tourism, the Hon Vijay Daryanani MP, has held a meeting with the local tour operators to discuss transport concerns in relation to tourism in Gibraltar.

Representatives from all local tour operators attended the meeting held today at the Ministry for Business, Tourism and The Port. 

Minister Daryanani commented: “I have met the operators on several occasions but this time I wanted to meet them all together. I wanted to see if there is an appetite to work together for the good of Gibraltar PLC. There are clearly some differences which have existed for many years and these need to be addressed so that no one loses out. Having said that, the willingness to progress was clear on all sides and therefore it was agreed to meet again soon so that the momentum is not lost. I will try my best to make this work as we need to grow the cruise industry, grow overnight visitors and grow the tourism industry as a whole”.