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Minister Bossano to address UN Decolonization Seminar – 606/2021

By August 24, 2021 No Comments

The Minister for Economic Development Joe Bossano accompanied by Albert Poggio is travelling to the Island of Dominica to participate in the UN Decolonization Seminar and will be back in Gibraltar next week.

The Seminar has historically been held in May so that the issues debated in the Seminar can be reflected in the Committee of 24, the Special Committee, in New York in June.

The recommendations of the Special Committee are then considered by the 4th Committee in October and decisions later taken by the General Assembly.

This year because of COVID, the New York meeting took place in June and the Seminar has been delayed till August.

The Seminars were set up in 1990, to accelerate the decolonization process, with a target of 2000, the 1st Decade. The Meeting this week is the first year of the 4th Decade.

Joe Bossano has addressed the Seminars in all 4 decades.