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Meet    ‘Star’    –    the    environmentally    friendly,    plastic-eating,    aquatic mammal – 384/2020

By June 11, 2020 No Comments

After the success of ‘Bubbles’ at Eastern Beach, the Department of the Environment & Climate Change would like to introduce ‘Star’, the environmentally friendly, plastic-eating, aquatic mammal that will reside at Camp Bay. Like ‘Bubbles’, ‘Star’ aims to encourage beach users to recycle plastic, while helping to keep our beaches and the sea, free from plastic contamination.

‘Star’ is a metallic frame structure, four metres by two metres in size, which is being deployed at Camp Bay today, on World oceans day, as the ideal receptacle for all  plastic items. Beach users  are encouraged to dispose of these in an environmentally friendly fashion.

‘Star’ can be easily emptied once full in order to start receiving plastics items again; its contents designated for recycling.

The aim is to continue to raise public awareness, regarding the dangers of  plastic contamination  in our marine environment.

This campaign is conducted as a general public initiative and we, therefore, encourage  everyone to actively participate. Please try not to use disposable plastic, but if you do, please feed plastic to ‘Star’.