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LNG Makes Real Sense Economically as well as Environmentally – 707/2019

By October 1, 2019 No Comments

The recently inaugurated LNG North Mole Power Station is already making economic as well as environmental sense.  

The Man engines, fitted as they are with filtration mechanisms, and burning natural gas, are already benefitting the environment and reducing Gibraltar’s Carbon footprint. When the power station runs on gas, as compared to diesel, these engines are resulting in an almost total absence of particulates, a 99% reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions, 90% reduction in emissions of Nitrogen oxides and 44% reduction in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. This will be equivalent of a reduction of over 65,000 tonnes of CO2 in a year to Gibraltar’s carbon footprint.

Gibraltar’s electrical supply is now mostly powered by LNG. On several occasions in recent months this has been at 100%. At present, it is averaging about 77% as commissioning nears completion, with Waterport Power Station now being off line for much of the time.

In addition to LNG being less polluting, it is also a less expensive fuel. Since commissioning started earlier this year, a saving of about £1.5 million on fuel costs has been made to the taxpayer. This will increase when the station is fully commissioned. In addition, when the rental arrangements for the temporary generators that were acquired as back-up are terminated, there will be an additional saving of £6.24 million a year.

Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change John Cortes commented, “We are already seeing both environmental and economic benefits to the Government’s energy policy. And this is even before the main impact of the introduction of renewables, with more solar projects coming soon, has been felt. Already the percentage reduction in carbon emissions is significant and very welcome, as is the financial saving, and there is more to come.”