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Little bark, no bite in Together Gibraltar’s arguments – 499/2023

By July 27, 2023 No Comments

Together Gibraltar really have missed the mark with their comments on employment, failing to understand the Government’s press release that clearly stated there are 2 jobs for every person in active employment. At no point has the Government made reference to unemployment, which, for the record, has been at historic lows for the duration of this GSLP/Liberal administration thanks to its positive and progressive employment policies.

The Government’s position on its exercise to identify areas of graduate employment in Gibraltar was clearly explained by Sir Joe Bossano on last night’s GBC News. Its purpose is precisely to understand the reasons why graduates may or may not return to Gibraltar for work in the years following their University studies in the UK, paid for by this Government’s revolutionary core policy of mandatory scholarships, in order to advise current and future students on the prospects of the local job market.

Once again, Together Gibraltar are failing to come up with anything new and are attempting in vain to pass off initiatives and policies that the Government are already implementing as their own idea. Whilst Together Gibraltar rely on anecdotes and amateur soundbites, the Government is doing the real work of collecting reliable, accurate empirical data that will inform strategies and policies.

It is also interesting that the same Party that only a few days ago said that there should be MORE public services now criticise the work of the public service in providing the public with corrections to the misinformation that they try to spread.

On Together Gibraltar’s snarl on Equality issues, the Government’s ground-breaking record speaks for itself. By contrast, Together Gibraltar’s only record is to jump on a bandwagon and see where it takes them, which is exactly what they are doing again here. As always with Together Gibraltar, it’s a case of little bark, no bite.