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Line Wall Road to reopen as normal on Monday – 777/2020

By November 6, 2020 No Comments

The practical aspect of data collection in respect of the pilot traffic project at Line Wall Road has now come to an end. This means that Line Wall Road will resume normal traffic movements in both directions as from Monday.

The Government will now analyse the traffic movement data from the two phases of the pilot project.

It will be recalled that he first phase of the pilot project involved the complete closure of Line Wall Road on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

The second phase has allowed for traffic in a northerly direction only with its closure to southbound traffic.

It is obvious that the arrangements put in place for phase two have resolved all issues for northbound traffic but have left us with a number of issues for motorists travelling south.

The Ministry for Transport, as part of the pilot project,  has throughout monitored closely the density of southbound traffic along Queensway during peak and off-peak hours. The Government would like to apologise to motorists for the inconvenience caused by the trials in the management of traffic flow. It is important to understand that the information gathered will contribute to the decision-making process.

The Government will now review all the data from phase one and phase two of the Line Wall Road pilot project, as well as the data used to compile the Sustainable Traffic and Transport Plan, in order to assess how to best address the issues that have arisen and determine the way forward.

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo, said:  “I want to thank Vijay Daryanani for the work he has done on this project on behalf of the Government.  He has been fronting the project and has had to endure the less than edifying statements from some people.  We now have the data necessary to analyse how different options affect traffic on Line Wall Road and we have the ability to make an informed decision on traffic flow as a result.  I recognise this matter has raised concerns for many people and I want people to know that we are not just looking at the data.  We are also listening to the views being expressed to us about the traffic flow by those who have written directly to us to express their views in a rational, reasoned and responsible manner.”