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Learning Support Facilities for three more schools – 537/2023

By August 7, 2023 No Comments

With the opening of new Learning Support Facilities (LSFs) in September at three of our schools, St Mary’s Lower Primary, St Paul’s Lower Primary and St Joseph’s Lower Primary, the majority of our children requiring additional support will begin their educational journey in a school within their catchment area.

Up to now, children who have benefited from existing LSFs have had to attend schools outside their catchment areas, sometimes different to those attended by their siblings.

Families have welcomed this initiative since all siblings will attend a school within the same area and families can now enjoy the journey to school together. Children will have the opportunity to interact in school with children from within the area in which they live.

This initiative will also reduce our carbon footprint, there will be fewer cars on the roads and journeys will be shorter with more children will now be able to walk to and from their school every day.

The Minister for Education, the Hon Prof John Cortes, said: “We continue with more and more initiatives that improve what we offer children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND), who have never been better provided for.  This will be of great benefit to the families, and most especially to the children.  I am really pleased with this.”