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Launch of New Pay & Display Pay by Phone – QR Code – 222/2022

By March 30, 2022 No Comments

As part of the implementation and recommendations contained within the Sustainable, Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan (STTPP), HM Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce the launch of a new Pay & Display online payment function. Members of the public wishing to pay online for parking at Pay & Display Zones may now do so via https://parking.gibcarparks.com 

The launch of this web-based payment portal currently captures all existing Pay & Display Zones throughout Gibraltar, however further enhancements to this service will be added in future to include online payments of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) and any monthly Government rental car parking spaces, including the launch of a Gibraltar Parking mobile application. 

New users are encouraged to create an account where they will be able to save their vehicle and personal details for regular use, or alternatively log in as a guest to pay for parking for single use. A reminder email and SMS message will inform the user the parking session is due to expire and the option is offered to top-up extending the parking validity.

By paying online, there is no requirement to place a Pay & Display receipt inside the vehicle’s dashboard, as the Parking Management Officers (PMOs) will have access to real time data of all parking payments. This in turn increases efficiency to enforce more areas within a given working day. An FPN will be issued to any offending vehicles with no record of payment.

New signs will be strategically placed at all Pay & Display car parks, which will provide the public information such as the location of the car park and website/ QR code details.

The Minister for Transport, the Hon Paul Balban, said: “This user friendly technology now allows for a smarter parking solution which moves us towards a cashless future which is where all parking management systems worldwide are heading. This will help solve historic issues associated with card and cash systems especially in a city that tries to accommodate different currencies. The app will be developed further over time to include extra functions which will no doubt make it even easier for the user.”