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Landmark legislative reform on adoption – 784/2022

By October 24, 2022 No Comments

The Minister for Justice, also as the Minister with responsibility for Children, has published a Bill to radically revise and modernise the law in Gibraltar on adoption on the basis that Gibraltar’s main adoption law, the now over seventy year old Adoption Act, no longer meets the needs of our society or reflects modern adoption best practice.

Discussion with the Care Agency and other stakeholders showed that our adoption laws should centre on the best interests of the child, including their right to identity and to maintain family connections, and to access information and support. As such, the aim of the new Bill is to create a new system that protects the rights, best interests and welfare of children.

Under the new law the paramount consideration in all decisions relating to all adoptions of children in Gibraltar and all adoption applications from persons resident and settled in Gibraltar who seek to adopt children living abroad will be, as under the Children Act 2009, the child’s welfare.

The Minister for Justice, The Hon Samantha Sacramento, MP said: “I am proud to publish a Bill which updates the law in Gibraltar in such a vital and important area. I have no doubt that the changes that this Bill brings will allow for the drastic improvement of the current adoption systems making it more efficient and transparent and placing the welfare of the children involved as the paramount consideration. I would like to thank the Care Agency in particular for their time and expertise in identifying the areas that required change and for their positive engagement in working through the issues raised.”