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International Men’s Day – A Parent is a Parent; Minister for Justice and Equality launches consultation into parental alienation – 814/2019

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The Ministry of Equality is aware of the difficulty that parents can face in continuing a relationship with their child(ren) following a parental separation or divorce. The breakup of a family is in itself stressful and when there is alienation of the child(ren) by one parent to another the situation is even more distressing.

19 November is International Men’s Day the Ministry of Equality is even more mindful of the representations it has receiving from fathers and the petition instigated by the recently formed group ‘Forgotten Fathers’ in relation to parental alienation.

As such, the Minister for Justice and Equality, is committed to understanding all the issues that are faced by fathers and wishes to hear from them.   Fathers who are experiencing what they consider to be parental alienation or anyone who wishes to be part of this consultation process is asked to contact the Ministry of Equality for a one to one meeting to be arranged.  The objective of the meetings is so that the Minister for Justice and Equality may have  first-hand information on such matters and to consider if there is a matter that may require legislative changes or changes to procedures.

Anyone willing to form part of this consultation process should contact the Ministry for Equality equality@gibrlatar.gov.gi or call 20046253 and an appointment for such discussion will be arranged   

The Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, Minister for Justice and Equality said “I have full confidence in our family justice system’s ability to robustly address parental alienation behaviour when it is alleged. The legal framework which governs family law is gender neutral and there is a statutory presumption that all parties will act in the child’s best interests in that the involvement of either parent in the child’s life will further the child’s welfare, unless the contrary can be shown. 

I am of course mindful of the representations that are made, particularly by fathers, who feel that they are at a disadvantage upon separation or divorce.  This initiative is so that I can hear their experiences first hand and identify if there is room for improvement through the reform of legislation or other procedures”.