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International Dance Day – 300/2020

By April 29, 2020 No Comments

On International Dance Day the Minister for Culture John Cortes has issued the following statement:

“Today is international Dance Day. It is particularly important this year to pay tribute to all dancers, amateur or professional, young and old, present or past.

“Dance is an expression of culture, a celebration of the human body, as well as being a form of exercise and is a vitally important part of Gibraltar’s cultural and social life.

“In these difficult times of the pandemic, dancers are not able to perform to public audiences and grace us with their art in this way.

“Many of our dance schools and academies however continue their work and their classes through video link. We are seeing some past dance productions on GBC TV or online. But dancers, like other performers, will relish the time when they can once again play to a full house and enrich us all in person. These days will come.

“I too look forward to that time. Today on International Dance Day, I pay tribute to all Gibraltar’s dancers, present and past. I thank them for their contribution to our society and I look forward to better days when we can welcome them back onto the stage.”