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Intellectually and Politically Dishonest GSD want “form over substance” debate on Customs Union – 301/2021

By April 16, 2021 No Comments

The statement from Roy Clinton is as nonsensical as it is both intellectually and politically dishonest.

The Government has made clear throughout that a treaty on arrangements in relation to customs matters is an option. 

It is not an option we have chosen to consider but an option that we must consider if we want to secure maximum fluidity.  

We are working with all industry representative bodies and all relevant commercial operators in analysing the different relevant permutations for arrangements in respect of goods.  This includes the potential to do no arrangements at all in respect of fluidity of goods.

The Chief Minister said: “Roy Clinton and Keith Azopardi are being intellectually and politically dishonest.  They either do not understand the most basic of the issues in play in respect of the treaty negotiations with the EU or they are purposely misrepresenting them in order to rabble-rouse for their own, shallow, partisan purposes.  We are talking to all affected industry groups through the TLAC.  We are talking to industry leaders.  We are open to representations from anyone with concerns.  We have all options available to us and we have worked and are working to get the options for Gibraltar right.  Whilst we do that, all that Mr Clinton and Mr Azopardi do is resort to trying to mislead people. It is clear to me that the primary for the leadership of the GSD is underway and that half their parliamentary party is just out to out-do each other in getting noticed for those purposes.  

The issue of our future relationship with the EU Customs Union is too serious for us to be having arguments of form over substance on consolation and on the ambit of options open to us, when in fact, all options are open to us in the negotiation. I do wish that – for once – the GSD could see that this issue is one that is too important for narrow, partisan argument and that they would engage constructively on the subject.  I won’t hold my breath!”