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Increase to Postal Rates – 314/2020

By May 6, 2020 No Comments

The Royal Gibraltar Post Office wishes to inform the public that new postage rates will come into effect as from 01.06.2020

Postal rates in Gibraltar were last increased in 2014. Whilst there are increases in the base letter postal rates, there are no increases in the additional grams rates so the impact will be minimum.


New Rates 

Standard Local Gibraltar


Up to 50 grams

Mail to Spain


Up to 50 grams

Air Mail to UK


Up to 20 grams

Air Mail to EU


Up to 20 grams

Rest of the World


Up to 20 grams

Registration fee – International



The increases represent excellent value for money and the Royal Gibraltar Post Office will continue to offer amongst the best value rates in Europe for Local, European and International destinations.

For example, sending a 20g letter or postcard from the United Kingdom to Gibraltar currently cost £1.35 but sending a letter from Gibraltar to the United Kingdom with the new rate will cost £0.90.

The price updates will enable the RGPO to offset increased operational costs, many of which are outside its control. It is always regrettable to increase prices but as operational costs and onward conveyance fees charged for the delivery of mail by international postal operators increase, it becomes inevitable.

The RGPO is very proud of the services it provides to 16,000 local addresses and the many hundreds of local businesses each day. These increases are vital so that the Royal Gibraltar Post Office can continue offering its Universal Service Obligation worldwide, invest in new technologies and resources and maintain the next day delivery service to our community.