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Inauguration of Oncology Unit – 788/2022

By October 24, 2022 No Comments

Last week, the GHA inaugurated new visiting and consultation areas to the Cancer Clinic at St Bernard’s Hospital. The area has been refurbished to offer cancer patients first class space that is as comforting and supportive as possible whilst they undergo treatment.   

The existing cancer unit has proven extremely positive and allowed cancer patients in Gibraltar to receive unit chemotherapy or more modern therapies like immunotherapy. This reduces the need to travel to England or Spain to receive treatment and ensures patients cab be at home close to their families and community support

The number of consultations and treatments have already shown a significant rise. Since 2018 where up to 1872 consultations and treatments were administered at the Cancer Unit, last year the activity was increased to a total of 5851. The projection for 2022 is to reach as many as 7000 consultations and treatments.

The GHA is have continued to invest in local cancer care, given the level with cancer services that were originally outsourced. The GHA now has two full time Consultants and a visiting Consultant, a Clinical Nurse Specialist and three Chemotherapy nurses, among other professionals including a Pharmacist, Nurse assistants, Pharmacy technician and Clerks.

Patrick Geoghegan, Director General said: “I am delighted with the new clinical area, this is an initiative that has made an enormous difference to our cancer patients, offering a space to see their doctor. This area has more privacy and amenities; in the coming weeks bloods extractions will be performed here too”.

“I would like to thank Ms. Sandie Gracia, Dr Cassaglia and Mr Bonfante; they have all contributed to find this space and adapt it to our patients. 

“This is only one of the steps in a bigger plan for Gibraltar cancer patients as we modernise the hospitals facilities. We plan to include a new larger cancer unit as a location where patients can receive their treatment with sea views in a first world environment. While this is work in progress, we are extremely optimistic that we can achieve this change going forward.

“I would like to offer my immense thanks and gratitude to our patients and their families, they go through tough times when first given a cancer diagnosis and while undergoing treatment.  Everyone that uses our service supports its development and others receiving care and treatment through the mutual support they offer as well as donations to help improve the environment and care provided. Finally, I would like to thank our staff for their unwavering support and developing the essential service for the community of Gibraltar.”