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Improvements works to The Mount continue – 503/2023

By July 27, 2023 No Comments

The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia reviewed the progress of works to convert The Mount into a public area yesterday, together with Project Director Carl Viagas.

The clearing out of vegetation is almost complete and this has exposed paths, trails and terraces within the vast grounds. Some of those paths connect to the upper rock nature reserve and potentially could provide a new access route for those living in the south district.

In addition to this site clearance, work has also begun on two other locations within the grounds.

The first is the Porter’s Lodge located at the northern entrance of the estate. The plan is for this building to serve as a registry office for weddings and, together with the hall, will be the first step towards the future use of these facilities for ceremonies and other events.

The Mount is similar to the size of Alameda Gardens and was home to numerous Admirals over the years. Although it had been largely unkept for decades, due to its size, historic significance and rich ecosystem, the Government decided to deal with this project in a gradual and phased approach. Those plans were welcomed and approved by the Development and Planning Commission.

In the second location, preparations are underway for the creation of two new padel tennis courts near the southern entrance to the grounds. This should take approximately 12 weeks to complete from when the permit is issued and will provide facilities for our community which are in high demand.

The Parasol Foundation has very kindly pledged to invest one million pounds in The Mount.

The Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, said: “Today I visited The Mount grounds again and I was extremely impressed with the significant work that has already been done, led by Project Director Carl Viagas, whose track record in the restoration and refurbishment of heritage sites of this kind is second to none.

“I look forward to the day we can officially open the grounds as these refurbishments, and the large green open area, will have a significant positive impact on our community and will enhance the facilities available for visitors at the same time”.