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Improvements to Primary Care Centre Appointments System – 542/2020

By August 17, 2020 No Comments

The Primary Care Centre team always takes complaints very seriously and has taken steps to improve the telephone and appointments system in the best interests of patients.  

It is important to understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed much of what we all know as ‘normal’. This has meant that services have had to be adapted as per Public Health and Government advice to safeguard patients from the remaining threat of COVID-19 infection within the community.

The GHA are very pleased to announce the re-introduction of the MyGHA automated telephone service for booking of appointments as from 6pm the day before an appointment.  However, this service will be for TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS ONLY. Patients may access the MyGHA service by calling 200 07007 (twenty, double o seven, double o seven).

The GHA aims to bring this into effect by the middle of this week.  The re-introduction of this service will alleviate some of the pressures encountered by patients to call on the same day, as the GHA is very aware that telephone lines are extremely busy coping with daily demand.

On this note, the Primary Care Centre has also increased its capacity within the call centre.  

It is nonetheless possible that calls will take longer to be dealt with than in the past, as anyone requesting a face-to-face appointment requires COVID-19 screening questions before the appointment.  This is to ensure patient safety and safeguard from cross-infection.

The PCC introduced a limited number of face-to-face appointments approximately a month ago and will be increasing this number by 20% as from today Monday 17 August 2020. The PCC is also reviewing clinics and releasing more appointments so these are made available for the public to book.

The Repeat Prescription service has experienced a recent surge in demand; unfortunately, this has led to a significant backlog of prescriptions.  The PCC, with the help from Government departments, has increased the resources in this service to improve service delivery to patients. Repeat prescriptions can be requested by calling 200 07909 or by email at prescriptionrepeats@gha.gi  

GPs are currently providing extra sessions to alleviate the backlog and an additional locum GP has been allocated fulltime to this service.

The PCC is regularly reviewing services with the sole aim to provide a safe and efficient service to the public. 

Stay safe, wash your hands, call 111 and isolate if you develop any symptoms.