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HULL OF OS 35 BREAKS – 603/2022

By August 31, 2022 No Comments

The hull of the Bulk Carrier OS 35 has broken.  The two sections of the vessel have not yet fully separated.


There was a clear risk that this would occur.  It was for this reason that urgent attempts were being made to remove fuel from the vessel.   This has not yet been possible.


The OS 35 is already surrounded by an ocean boom that should contain any spill of oil which may occur.  No oil spill appears to have occurred.  This is being constantly monitored.


The GPA is working with the owners, salvers and P&I Club to address all issues that may now arise.


A meeting of the GCC was convened as soon as the news of the vessels circumstances was confirmed. 


The Captain of the Port is taking action to ensure that any environmental impact is minimised.


All persons on board, a total of 24 crew and 6 surveyors who were on board at the time, have been evacuated safely.


All operations at Gibraltar Port are currently suspended to concentrate all resources on this emergency.


More information will be provided when available.