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HMGOG response to Together Gibraltar – 641/2022

By September 6, 2022 No Comments

The Government notes the statement from Together Gibraltar which seeks to ignore the huge amount of work done by officials to prepare St Martins for the people that matter the most, it’s pupils.  Additionally, Together Gibraltar seeks to ignore the facts set out by the Government, on behalf of its officials, which the public is entitled to be aware of in the interests of transparency and to inform the public of the truth of the matters in question.  The fact is that the public can discern that those with party political interests are keen to try to exploit issues for their own ends.  In the case of St Martin’s, it is sad to see issues affecting the school exploited by opposition political parties, especially those who were against building the new school and who now suggest that the new school they said they would not have built should have been even bigger.  The hypocrisy is remarkable.  Additionally, the public will also see that Together Gibraltar does not want the public to have all the relevant information in relation to this matter and would prefer the Government not to provide full facts to the community.