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HMGOG response to personal statement by GSD Executive member, Ms Atrish Sanchez  – 654/2022

By September 8, 2022 No Comments

In reply to a personal statement by a member of the SNAG Committee and the GSD Executive, the Government wants to make just three points.

Ms Sanchez needs to realise that if you are in politics you have to expect political scrutiny and by being in the executive of a political party, you are in politics.

Secondly, that just as people work hard for their cause in an NGO, there are many public servants within the Government who work hard for the same aims and have been the subject of criticism by SNAG, without the latter having the full picture.

Finally, the provision for pupils at St Martin’s School is fantastic, the facilities more extensive and better than ever, the staff larger than any time in the past, and the dedication of the teachers and SNLSAs unquestioned.

The improvements are so astronomical that it beggars belief that they are being criticised.

Minister for Education John Cortes has arranged to meet with SNAG next week so that there can be a ‘clearing of the air’, and a return to the excellent relationship between SNAG and the Department of Education that has existed up to now.

The Minister for Education, Prof John Cortes, said:  “I look forward to seeing SNAG and clearing the air.  As I have myself seen, once we are in politics, we have to expect greater scrutiny and I look forward to sharing my experiences with Atrish, including the many unfair and unwarranted things that are said of me and other fellow members of the Executive Committees of the GSLP and the Liberal party because we have the temerity of wanting to make Gibraltar a better place for our children and our people generally.  I am sure we will get on well in person, as we always have.”