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By February 11, 2021 No Comments

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, responded to the GSD’s latest press release on Mental Health by saying: ‘I note the GSD’s latest statement on Mental Health. I do hope that the GSD will want to practice what they preach and cooperate with the Government’s many initiatives on Mental Health. The fact is that Mr Azopardi was Minister for Health and he did nothing about the disgraceful state of the old KGV. On reflection, he will no doubt be ashamed of himself for that. We invested in a new KGV only to be criticised by the GSD for doing so. We have taken other action already also to tackle issues in respect of this sensitive area. We will continue to do so. We agreed a motion in 2016 with Ms Hassan Nahon which the GSD then did not want to support. Now, given his inaction on the old KGV and their failure to collaborate in 2016, the GSD seem to have changed the position radically and they want to work together with us on this. They have clearly seen they have missed the boat on this and now want to rush to action in a sensitive area which requires careful thought and consideration and not rash policy making. A select committee between politicians will not resolve the real issues that people have. I nonetheless welcome that the GSD are now waking up to this issue and look forward, finally, to GSD support for the many GSLP Liberal policies we will give effect to in this area under the leadership of Samantha Sacramento. We’ll be happy to leave the empty words and the political tactics to the GSD and we’ll continue with real action and investment in this area. That’s what those who suffer from mental health issues and their families want and expect from us.’ ENDS HM Government