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HMGoG reiterates response to SNAG – 636/2022

By September 5, 2022 No Comments

Firmly answering a criticism in the media is in no way an attack on free speech. It is simply exercising exactly the same right as the original critic.

No one is boycotting SNAG or anyone else and the Minister remains as available to meet with all stakeholders as he has always bee6. It is well known that the Minister’s engagements are always positive and constructive. But the SNAG press release that started this exchange was surprising and unfair given the excellent relationship that has existed since their formation.

Indeed a phone call to the Minister would have avoided all the misunderstanding and probably SNAG would have seen and accepted the complexity of the selection processes and how hard both the Minister and the Department of Education, and indeed St Martin’s School were working to meet the deadlines.