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HMGoG pleased to see video from TNG Global on Eastside Project – 368/2022

By May 24, 2022 No Comments

HM Government of Gibraltar is pleased to note the release of a video from TNG Global setting out the work they are doing on the Eastside Project.

The GSLP/Liberal Government promised the residents of Catalan Bay that it would remove the unsightly rubble mountain on the Eastside and this project will achieve that, as well as beautifying the area for all residents of Gibraltar and creating new economic activity.

The video by TNG is of the parts of the project that have received OUTLINE planning.

As detailed in press release 357/2022, this project will return to the DPC for FULL planning in stages.

That is where the public are able to make their views known as part of the planning process.

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC, said: ‘It was the GSLP/Liberal Government under my leadership that TRANSFORMED the DPC planning process after it was elected in 2011, busting it open, making it public and the minutes and decisions transparent DESPITE the GSD arguing that it should keep it SECRET as it used to be under their administration. The Government also subjects itself now to planning for ALL projects. This project will therefore be subject to the DPC process for FULL PLANNING which it has not yet received. It is therefore wrong for anyone to suggest that the process of listening and working with residents of Catalan Bay and the wider community is over. This is the beginning of a much wider planning process.

‘In a THRIVING DEMOCRACY like Gibraltar, we rightly see all points of view expressed. I love that about our small but proud nation. The planning process is a part of our vibrant democracy I am particularly proud of, as it is the GSLP/Liberal Government that has opened up the DPC and the planning process to enable all our citizens to have their say and to ensure that projects are improved in the process.

‘We will never permit anything that damages Catalan Bay. The DPC will be listening for any concerns about any part of this project that can be improved.

‘BUT LET US ALSO BE CLEAR: this is a great project for our nation, for the Eastside and the people who already live there and for the people who will live there. This is a great project for those who will live on the further affordable homes to be built on this site. This is a great project for our economy and, as a result, for our public finances. This is NOT a project for the rich. This is a project for all of us and for our future generations. The positive economic impact of this project will be massive.

‘I look forward to seeing the full planning stages resolved positively and work starting on this project for our ALL our people.’