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HMGoG Launches Gibraltar’s Active Travel Strategy – 16/2023

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HM Government of Gibraltar – Ministry of Transport is pleased to announce today the launch of Gibraltar’s Active Travel Strategy. The Strategy aims to present HM Government of Gibraltar’s vision for the future of active travel and encompasses walking and cycling, which are the most sustainable and healthy ways of travelling.

Following the launch of the Sustainable Traffic and Transport Parking Plan (STTPP), as published in March 2017, this Strategic Plan builds on the fundamental foundations described in Chapter 6 of the STTPP and Section 4.2 Decarbonising the transport sector, of the Climate Change Strategy 2021.

Ahead of publishing the Strategy, the Ministry of Transport have undertaken targeted stakeholder consultation, and discussed and shared the documents with Opposition parties, who have welcomed the plans.

This document is intended to sit within the auspices of Town Planning and the forthcoming Development Plan, to serve as a reference to the community as a whole, in laying down expectations on architects, developers and planners, for all future developments to be commensurate with a healthy, sustainable and green way of thinking. The Ministry of Transport will also be submitting the strategy as HMGoG Policy to the Development and Planning Commission for their views and comments.

The Strategy will outline developments and improvements for active travel in Gibraltar, creating further opportunities for locals and tourists to enjoy and appreciate our public spaces, through enhancements to our pedestrian areas, and the introduction of cycle infrastructure, to get us where we need to go quickly, or simply to exercise safely.

This Strategy is a live document and will evolve over time to accommodate changes in development and best practice for both pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

Although some concept designs have been engineered to a high degree, others are still artistic impressions which will require further design work before being finalised. It is hoped that the strategy will deliver a greener, more sustainable vision, for the future of urban mobility within Gibraltar.

The Technical Team at the Ministry of Transport have worked on the Strategy closely with the Ministry of the Environment, to ensure that we work towards our common aims and aspirations for a better and greener tomorrow.

The document is available for download on the HM GoG website under the following link: https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/

The Government welcomes feedback on the contents of the strategy. A bespoke e-mail has been set up for this purpose:

e-mail: activetravelcomments@gibraltar.gov.gi Alternatively, please write in to:

STTPP – Gibraltar’s Active Travel Strategy Comments Ministry of Transport

HM Government of Gibraltar Suite 735

Europort Europort Road

The Minister for Transport, the Hon Paul Balban, said: ‘I am extremely excited to announce our vision for a greener and more liveable city. Our sustainable Active Travel Strategy makes better use of our urban space providing more opportunities for people to meet, socialise, walk and cycle safely. The launch of these consultation documents will provide the seeds that will give birth to the “cycle lane” in Gibraltar and will also provide the community with better, safer, healthier and environmentally greener surroundings to enjoy’