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HMGoG clarifies procedure for stamping of passports – 96/2023

By February 22, 2023 No Comments

The Borders and Coastguard Agency received reports that some Spanish officers (CNP) were asking over the weekend for reasons for travel and stamping passports. HM Government of Gibraltar understands that this appears to have been sporadic and carried out by officers who were unaware of the detail of the interim arrangements agreed by Spain for the Gibraltar border.

The Government understands that the position remains that Gibraltar red ID card holders should not be stamped unless they are travelling for onward travel outside Spain, and that those crossing the border will not routinely be asked to provide a reason for travel.

The Government reminds travellers that it is their responsibility to request a stamp at the Gibraltar border with Spain if they plan to travel further outside Spain, for example to catch a flight to the United Kingdom or France.